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Goober (The Alien)

Goober is an alien from the planet Twix.
He has been adopted by Cindy's parents.
He loves to eat hamburgers.

Cindy (The sister)

Cindy is Goober's little sister.
She likes to tease Goober
She is a sweet little girl.

Alex (The baby)

Introduced here.
Cindy and Goobers baby brother born into the strip.
Will grow in the strip as does the real life son of Daniel Barton where he gets his inspiration.

Buzz (The robot)

Introduced here.
Buzz is Goober's rude but helpful assistant.
He has been programmed with love and has currently fallen for Cindy.

Daniel Barton (The creator)

Me, The creator of the webcomic Goober and Cindy published in 2010. My name is Daniel Barton.

Holland (The Netherlands) is a small country in Europe with about the population of 16+ million (2012 statistics) people. I grew up in Arkansas, USA and moved to Holland at the age of 12.
Coming into a different culture with a different language made me feel like an alien in a new world.
Using my artistic talents I escaped this feeling by creating the alien character Goober.

The character Goober was published the first time in a school paper in Holland in 1994. I created Goober the strip online in 2000 and stopped in 2001 for lack of inspiration and motivation.

In 2010 webcomics were growing with the help of software like Wordpress and Social Media tools (Twitter and Facebook) helping to create and promote these webcomics. I thought I had enough material to start a weekly webcomic. And now 2 years in, I'm still going strong.

Creating this comic I stumbled upon the webcomic community. It's is very friendly and encouraging community helping one another to create great content for the web.
It all started by just commenting on other webcomic creators sites.
Thanks for checking out my characters and leave a comment. I always enjoy peoples feedback.

I'm currently working on a booklet of the first hundred strips. I hope to be finished by the end of 2013.

Don't forget to checkout my twitter (@gooberandcindy) and like my facebook page.

Check out these interviews with me here (, here ( and here (

I also create music and post a new song every month on

And I host a podcast every season with other webcomic artist called The Webcomic Show.



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